Group/Syndicate Members – Public Liability Protection

Everyone who takes part in any form of sport or recreation activity has a duty of care responsibility to ensure anything they do does not cause injury or loss to other people, or damage to their property.  If they do, and negligence is proved, they will be legally liable to pay compensation.

To protect you against the possible consequences of an injury or loss, the Countryside Alliance has arranged Public Liability protection, with a limit of indemnity of £10 million.

It covers your Group/Syndicate for:

  • All your legal activities, for example:
    • Administration and officer / committee meetings
    • Maintenance activities
    • Conservation activities
    • Ownership of property and/or land
    • Fundraising activities – with specific exclusions as detailed in the Policy and Cover Summary
    • Exhibiting, participating, demonstrating at country fairs and similar events
    • Social events
    • Competitions and events
    • Coaching
  • All your guests, providing they make up fewer than 50% of the guns at any one event

Please note:

  • There is no need to notify the Countryside Alliance of guests but please keep a record of their names and addresses and the date(s) they were taking part.  To obtain a copy of the Countryside Alliance Best Practise and Declaration form click here.
  • Should you need evidence of insurance, for example to be provided to your landowner/lease holder, please send an email to

Fully details of the cover are provided in the policy wording which is available here.