Personal Accident Benefits

If you suffer life changing injuries or tragically lose your life, as a consequence of taking part in a legal recognised or ancilliary activity, "no fault" Personal Accident benefits are provided, which include:

Death £15,000
The death benefit payable for Children will be limited to £7,500
Permanent Total Disablement £35,000
Capital Benefits:  
Total loss of hearing in both ears £30,000
Total loss of sight in one or both eyes £30,000
Total loss of speech £30,000
Loss of one or more Limbs £30,000
Loss of hearing in one ear £7,500
A thumb £9,000
A forefinger £6,000
Any finger other than a forefinger £3,000
A big toe £4,500
Any toe other than a big toe £1,500
A shoulder, elbow or wrist £7,500
A wrist, hip, knee or ankle £6,000


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  • Personal Accident Benefits


  • Personal Accident Benefits

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